Taylor Morrison wanted to test out a unique product as a way to problem solve during COVID-19 when people couldn't leave their homes to go into one of their neighborhood sales offices to purchase a lot and home model. They wanted to provide the option to allow their customers to reserve their lot of land, pick out their home model, and choose the style of the exterior of their home all through an online process.

This project was rolled out in multiple phases due to the complexity of the product. I started on working with an engineering team to build an new product just for the community maps to allow for customization for each neighborhood and to have the option to show which lots were still available or coming soon or had an available prebuilt move-in-ready home. Next, was coming to the realization through research with people in the home buying process, that some shop differently depending on what's most important to them. Since we found that there are people who prioitize the lot of the floor plan and vice versa, we introduced the option for people to choose how they wanted to start their journey at the beginning. The last large step of this project was introducing education pieces, like a mortgage calculator that would help people to understand what they could afford and decide on how much they want to put down for their new home.